Thursday, January 31, 2008

new highs & lows

Sasha felt her stomach churn. She couldn't stop crying. Why had Rhys said the things he'd said to her? It didn't make sense. They had met at the movie , and things had been so amazing. She finally knew what a real kiss was like from him. Not those imaginary ones she had created. And it was more than she hoped for. She forgot the movie completely. Yes, she had been with Rhys. And she could keep a secret. She could do it again any night of week. If only Rhys would call.

Give the guy a week, and he's deranged. He was awful. Pure evil, she thought now. Stomping about, telling her where did she get off being such a slapper. And for that, he let her cat go.

This was even more upsetting. She'd just stopped by on her way home from school to check on her cat. And now he'd just let him go out on the street.

"What would your mum think?" She remembered him telling her how his Mum adored Justin who they had renamed The Libertine.

"Get off! I never want to see you here, again!" Those words hurt the worst. She thought they were friends. She thought she could tell him anything.

And now all she could do was cry, she didn't want to go home. There would be questions. Instead, she walked to the library. Hid in the shelves among the nonfiction reading. She found a cat book and wondered if she could find a picture of what Justin looked like. She had to do something to take her mind off the animal that Rhys had tossed to the streets.

But it was useless. Her cat was white, but with stripes yet looked a little Siamese, too. How could she put posters out about him missing if she had so little go on?

"Could I help?" asked a fellow leaning over her with wire rim glasses sliding down his thin nose.

"I'm not sure." She shook her head, no.

"Its my job, you know, I'm the new librarian here."

"Really?" She looked up at him then. He was so mild mannered and neat in his gray cardigan and grandpa pants. He couldn't be that old, she thought. Well, older than her. Probably college age.

"Of course, what do you need?" They went to his desk in the reference area, and she told him about her cat, and how he was missing. Before she knew it, he had a copy of a cat that looked just like Justin printing out next to his computer.

"Its Justin!" She was thrilled. "Well, it looks an awful lot like him, thank you."

She managed to make him smile. At least she wasn't crying.

"I'm Sasha," she introduced herself.

"Jeremy, " he shook her hand. "I'm glad I could be of service."

She beamed. Maybe there would be hope after all. She'd get her Justin back, and she'd never speak to Rhys again.

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