Thursday, December 9, 2010

off you go

It might as well have been a Dickens Christmas as far as Teresa was concerned. She didn't mean that in a good way, either. The whole village was the same old fuck'n shit. Didn't help that she hadn't a bloke. Not that she was looking for one.

A little of her was still in a pisser mood about Rae. Yeah, she knew, Rhys was just evil. Taking Rae away from her. Then getting her preggers. Who wanted to be with someone who was swelled and smelled of iron and the like.

It was going to be shitty Christmas. Snow and all. White one day and gray the next. Thats the way it worked in Hollyoaks. Just a gray Christmas.

Didn't help much that she had to be a barmaid down the Black Cat, either. She wasn't quite destitute yet. But she hadn't taken to writing erotic letters to soliders, either, like that blonde cousin of hers had. Not that she got paid for that kind of thing, but her cousin got packages all the blessed time. It was a little unnerving. There was just too damn much happiness at home.

"Whats got your panties in a wad, aye?" As if she needed Darren to get in her face. He wasn't working here, but drunk, as usual.

"Hadn't you noticed all our favorites are gone?" She looked at him as if he was in a bad way. "Zoe and Sarah off to Paris." Just to name a few. She really felt quite alienated now.

"No, I hadn't." Darren was his sullen self. "Its Hollyoaks, babe, we just wish them well and have us another drink. Speaking of which mine needs fresh'n up, quite a bit." His shot glass was dry. Scotch was in order, she presumed.

Teresa walked off in a huff. He would be here until the cows came home. Teresa pursed her lips as she looked back at him. Perhaps he had a little cash. But it was doubtful. She wasn't an extraordinary pick pocket. Usually, she had to work it. Possibly in the loo, but she found lots of fun in it, sometimes. At least, it might help on the Christmas shopping. Of course, she wasn't buying presents for anyone. Only herself.

She handed him a double shot then. Nice and drunk. He'd never know if she actually went down on him or not. Well, it was a happy thought.

"Oh, Darren, I really hate to see you, such a sad sod." She came around and pulled at his arm just as he was getting his drink down him.

"What?" He winced looking baffled. He almost fell off the stool.

"You know." She almost rolled her eyes at him. Teresa looked across the way past the fruit machines and the pool tables. The loo was waiting for them.

He stammered, yet so watchful.

Teresa turned then and lead the way. She smiled with satisfaction. All was clear. She locked the door behind him and she smashed her lips into his. He really was intoxicated for the both of them. Must she find the lame one to cling too. Teresa deeply sighed and went to work. It was actually kind of an automatic process. He just stood there all without emotion.

"You know, you know what I'm doing?" She looked up at him, her hand grasping his cock, while the other slipped in the back pocket for his wallet.

"Do I?" He looked a might nutty then, but Teresa smiled a bit easy.

"You were a very naughty boy this Christmas. I doubt you deserve any pressies." She almost laughed. Really, she didn't think she'd have to do much. He really hadn't gotten any, as of late, had he. She gave him a rub, but he passed out before he came.

Teresa sighed full of relief then, as she lifted the cash from his wallet then.

How could he have so much cash, she asked herself then. Well, Teresa was leaving for the train. No need to spend a wad this big in the village.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

from Ivyoaks

Sorry I haven't written too much Hollyoaks fan fiction lately. As it is, seems Hollyoaks is making so many changes in character. So many of my favorites have left and well, I'm not sure if readers want to read about old characters or new characters.

Leave me a comment if you'd like to let me know what sort of coupling you'd like to see. I do fancy mixing up someone from the show..with someone not on the show..but I do try to keep just the "character" in this story blog.



Thursday, May 27, 2010

a restless world

Nancy couldn't quite put her finger on it, but she missed Kris.

"You look so yummy." She told him first thing when she found him down at the club, alone. He didn't have a bloke buying him a drink which she found quite unusual. "What the fuck could be wrong?"

"Dunno what you mean." Indifferent as always.

"So  how's Rav?" She wanted to know.

"Why should I know?" He scowled as he sipped his lager.

"What? You two, broken it off?" Just didn't seem right. Of course, Nancy was a bit on the rocks about herself too, these days. She'd had a round of romance with that lass she met on the seashore, but it had fizzled and it seemed all the pretty thing really wanted was some drugs instead of her. It was awful. It was clearly summer, and she only had so many weeks before she had to function properly as a teacher.

"He's such a bore." Kris sighed. Well, she didn't want to bore Kris either. She looked around then. Was there anyone she could succomb too. Of course, she had her own special definition to the word.

"Later." She would not let Kris bring her down. She'd had one off two many with the bloke. He might as well be a cow. Perhaps he wasn't as yummy as she'd said.

Would anything ever be the same again? She wasn't a giddy school girl, anymore. She was the teacher now. Damn, good, she thought. Her sister would be proud. Perhaps. Of course, she had messed around plenty with Kris and Ravi. Perhaps it was all their fault. She felt so empty inside. A sadness so overwhelmed her. When would it ever be right?

Just then she saw Jem coming her way. She wanted to ignore her, but she couldn't.

"You want to dance?" Nancy got up off the bar stool and practically fell on Jem. Naturally, all she got was a smile. Hopefully, it was a yes. Next thing she knew they were jumping into the static song, moving to the music with their hips and their arms. It was exallerating. Such fun.

Nancy was soon smiling. But then the song soon fell slow. Nancy felt it best to make her way to the loo, but Jem caught her arm and so she stayed. They danced pelvic to pelvic then. so slow. Almost a grind with their clothes on. Soon they were kissing strangers and it was...perfect.

Nancy, didn't dare let a giggle slip from her. Jem was so serious and such a natural.

Of course, they went to the loo once the song was done.

"Are you all right?" Nancy winced as she leaned against the red wall.

"No." Jem said so quietly. She kissed Nancy as if Nancy needed to do something for her.

"What is it?" Nancy whispered politely in Jem's ear. Perhaps she was a little drunk. Maybe they both were. Maybe this wasn't real, or nothing at all. But Jem ate ate at Nancy's lips to know her better. Soon her hand slid to open Nancy's tight jeans to investigate. Jem's tongue prodded on just as her finger did the same to unravel Nancy's core. Of course, Nancy felt her knees so weak. She kissed Jem back hard. She thought she might fall to the floor, but Jem held her so close. Nancy knew it now. Jem had a bag full of tricks. There was a vibrator in there somewhere.

Nancy giggled then.

Friday, April 30, 2010

no joke

India shuttered to think it was so much better with Charlotte than Dave, anyway.

He was a might sloppy.

Charlotte was just amazing. India heaved with pleasure and Charlotte dived into her muff. Really, Dave liked lass' clean and wasn't that the way models did it. India felt a bit sleepy, but in lust. Charlotte knew what to do. How to make her orgasm fill her up with such amazing sweet bliss.

She wanted Charlotte to keep going. But she felt so weak. Maybe they should just kiss. How did she taste anyway?

"How many times did I cum?" India wanted to know as Charlotte took a break and held India's waist.

"Dunno. Plenty." Charlotte whispered in her ear.

Suddenly, she felt sad.

"Its never this good with Dave. Or any of them." India sighed, turning to Charlotte.

"I know." They kissed then and India felt so warm and dreamy. She touched Charlotte's clit with the tip of her pinkie. Finding her small patch of pubics. The ball of her palm rubbed at the pubics. Charlotte was already wet. When had that happened?

India didn't think she could get off on Charlotte's tits, but soon enough she was exploring and kissing them as if it was just as enjoyable as what Charlotte had done. But it was the kissing and the fingering that was bliss. She just couldn't get enough.

Finally, her tongue took to Charlotte's clit. It was the least she could do. And she could feel how Charlotte quaked and shook little by little inside. Really, it was quite easy to be turned on by Charlotte again and again. India just smiled. They could just stay inside. Who cared to go to the clubs, anymore.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

just a whim

Was Charlotte ever gonna hear from Laura? Really? Ever since she said she swung both ways, well, Charlotte was beginning to think it might be from chandlers, after all.

"Don't know why you bother?" India, her housemate rolled her eyes at the thought that Charlotte admitted she was smitten with her.

"Why do yo bother at anything at all?" As it was a lass could beat herself off so much, and then she needed someone. Especially, the sexy Laura. That would be just brilliant.

"You'll botch it. You always do." India was being her rightous self. Naturally, she'd never done anything wrong in her life.

"I don't want to talk about it with you." As it was, it was bed time. Maybe Charlotte would get on her phone and text dirty with Lydia. It would be a laugh, if nothing else. So she went to her room and got out her mobile to do just that.

"What are you doing?" India came to her doorway.

"What does it look like?" Did she want a catfight. "Just shut it, will you? Its none of your business."

India sat on Charlotte's bed.

"This just isn't natural." Charlotte scowled, putting her feet under her as she studied for any messages from Laura.

"I just don't want to see you in a pickle." India confided.

"I don't like pickles. Idiot." Charlotte tensed.

"Fine." India hugged herself. "I'm board."

"Really?" This was news to Charlotte. "How so?"

"Drunk blokes just don't cut it for me." India sighed.

"And what could I do, to help?" Charlotte pursed her lips. India came closer and took Charlotte's phone.

"What if we just touched?" India sort of smiled, but she was serious.

"Touch?" Well, Charlotte hadn't expected that. "You must be hard up."

"Maybe I am. Maybe I want to know what I've been missing." India looked at Charlotte who thought she just might come undone. Right now.

"You want to? With me?" Still Charlotte found this all a little unbelievable. They were flatmates.

"Come on." India shook her hair back.

"Have you lost the plot, completely?" Charlotte wanted to know.

"Not yet." India pursed her lips. They kissed then. With tongue. It was like a forbidden icing of some kind. Charlotte found herself under India who's loose robe came undone. And there she was. Lovely, and so ripe.

Charlotte touched her tits. Of course, she was dreaming of Laura's in that corsette of hers, but this was splendid too. Before she knew it, she was kissing India's tits and she knew India was enjoying it very much. She had India in her bed, and it was so dreamy as she nursed at the tips and hungrily took in her belly as well. Naturally, India opened herself up. Charlotte blinked. She was so beautiful.

"When did you have this done?" Not a pubic in sight. Like an open apple ready to be bitten. Charlotte sighed.

India wouldn't say, but looked at Charlotte as if she'd shown her Charlotte would have to show her something.

Charlotte laid against India's flat belly as her fingers went to investigate her clit first. She closed her eyes. She guessed the best things were already at home. After all.